Our Office has resided to Online Fengshui Consulting http://www.o-fengshui.de
Because of that we cannot work in order as Interior designer, please contact
http://www.domus.de .

Thank you for your understanding.

Feng Shui is deeply rooted in my original culture.
As an Indonesian of Chinese descent, the world of the Feng Shui has always been part of my everyday life.
I practically grew up with Feng Shui and its practical applications and gained the sensitivity
to realize and respect invisible energies.
After that my knowledge has been grown up by studies with diploma in various renowed international Feng Shui master.

Feng Shui analyses the effect that your surroundings have on you. This effect exists and always has exited. A Taoist doctrine from China, Feng Shui is many thousands of years old, and, under another designation, is also known in Europe as an early component of architecture and interior design. It deals with the energies which emerge through the arrangement of houses and flats in relation to each other and to their environment, through the spatial planning and overall plan, as well as through the layout of the interior.

For through
  • the placing und alignment of buildings in
  • their naturally and artificially-produced landscape,
  • the ground plan
  • and the positioning of furnishings and fittings

evolve harmonious and positive or disharmonious and possibly even unhealthy situations. In an atmosphere with plenty of good, stimulating energy, you sense harmony and well-being. In a positive, harmonious atmosphere, personal happiness, health, immaterial and material wealth is much more easily obtained than in a disharmonious, low energy environment.

With interior design & Feng Shui
  • places of vitality and harmony can be created
  • a conscious influence can be exerted on health and success
  • we use nature’s gifts once more and integrate them into our lives