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Because of that we cannot work in order as Interior designer, please contact
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Thank you for your understanding.

Feng Shui is the knowledge of the wind
and the water

by the arrangement of landscape structures,

  • urban conditions,
  • house formations,
  • space divisions,
  • furniture placements

in harmony with each other and their environment.

It describes the energy quality of our natural and artificially created environment
and offers us concrete tools with which we can achieve favorable and avoid unfavorable constellations.

... our Services:

Local Consultation

Feng Shui - evaluation of an existing or planned object

  • On-site inspection, evaluation of the situation of the object in the environment.
  • For existing objects the following documents are needed: location plan, ground plan, patterns, environmental aspects, electrical plan as well as other illustrative material.
  • For planned objects the following additional documents are necessary: development plan and, if available, tree population plan.
  • Assessment of energy flows on the property and within the building
  • Assessment of interfering fields and how to eliminate them.
  • Assessment of influences on the environment, on objects, rooms, furniture placing and inhabitants.
  • Evaluation of results
  • Hints, proposals and suggestions

Based on an hourly fee

Consultation with summary and conclusions/detailed documentation

Feng Shui - evaluation of an existing or planned object with detailed summary and conclusions

On-site inspection and services as in “Local Consultation” above, including the following additional services:

  • Outlining of energy flow and interfering zones
  • Set-up of ranges, trigrams and element constellations of the house and its users. For traders: view of energy flow and trigrams
  • Interpretation and explanation of the geomantic diagram and its constellation with the inhabitants
  • Demonstration and outline of Feng Shui remedies and / or suggestions for the optimal use of favourable ranges.
  • Documentation in the form of a summary.

Consultation fees according to agreement

Interior decoration concepts

Compiled from architecture and interior decoration concept solutions.
Fee according to HOAI.

In case of large distance (more than 500 km), services can only be supplied up to the design planning phase of the HOAI services (design planning excluding sub services, negotiations with local authorities and other parties directly involved in the issuing of permits).
Additional services by mutual agreement only.

Solutions for architecture and interior decoration concepts.

Garden design

Garden design of an existing or planned object in a holistic concept

  • Clarification of task setting and determination of the scope of services.
  • Determination of energy flows on the property on the basis of a trigram.
  • Determination of interfering fields in the environment and their prevention.
  • Determination of environmental influences on the object and potential integration of the environment and the building into the garden design.
  • Water placement computation.
  • Provisional design of a total garden concept (including two drafts, additional drafts to be calculated separately based on computed time).
  • Coordination of the planning concept with the client.
  • Creation of a garden design including a detailed draft of all pertinent garden elements.
  • Creation of a planting concept.
  • Creation of a garden lighting concept.
  • Preparation of assignments based on quantitative assessment and breakdown of individual items utilizing contributions of other experts involved in planning.

Further services such as participation during the assignment, object monitoring and object supervision will be calculated on the basis of auxiliary fee agreements or, if necessary, on a time basis. Such fees, including travel and overnight expenses, will have to be covered by an agreement